Frequently asked questions

How do you use my data?

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What services does Green Pastures include in the price of a placement and what extra do I pay for?

At Green Pastures christian care home, our weekly charge includes: 

  • furnished accommodation 
  • all utilities 
  • care services such as personal care, washing and dressing, assistance with meals, mobilising medical aids  
  • management of medications  
  • catering 
  • laundry and housekeeping services 
  • support with day-to-day social activities

You will need to pay for personal services such as our hairdressing and chiropody carried out by our preferred professionals. The weekly charge does not include activities that involve an entrance fee, such as theatre visits or trips to a public swimming pool or gym. There are additional charges for your own daily newspaper.

Who will pay for what at Green Pastures?

Depending on your financial situation, your local authority may pay for some of the costs of your care. This depends on a means test of your savings and assets, including any income from your pension or benefits, and the value of your home. 

In England, if you have more than £23,250, you have to fully fund your care until your capital drops below this amount. If you require a nursing home, even if you are paying all your own fees, the NHS now makes a contribution to your nursing costs; this contribution is retained by Green Pastures.  Nursing care is defined as the care you are assessed as needing from a registered nurse.

Can my family and friends visit me at Green Pastures at any time?

There are no restrictions or specific visiting times at Green Pastures. All we ask is that your visitors respect the privacy of your neighbours at the home. In addition, we do ask that you sign the visitors book when you arrive and leave the home. Please note that parking control is in operation at Green Pastures and it is important that you enter your registration number at reception to avoid a parking charge. 


If I need to fund my care, but can’t sell my house at the moment, can I still move into Green Pastures?

Yes. If you would like more information on care costs and entitlement to state support, please use the BBC's cost of care calculator.

Is Green Pastures right for me?

When you go to visit a care home either for yourself or for a relative you will have lots of questions. We have provided a link to the Age UK checklist to help you remember the information you are interested in finding out and details you learn from your visit. Please feel free to download and print out this checklist as many times as you need.

Can I bring some of my own furniture when I move to Green Pastures?

Yes, we encourage residents to bring small items of furniture, pictures and personal belongings when they move in. We want you to feel as at home as possible in your new home and to have familiar belongings around you.

Can I try a short stay at Green Pastures before I decide to give up my home?

We fully understand how difficult it can be to take the decision to give up your own home. We can plan an appropriate time for you to stay, based on the availability of a vacant room and the length of time you would like to stay. This will be charged at our current care rate and provides you with an ideal opportunity to see what it is like to live with us.

Can I continue with hobbies and activities I enjoy when I move to Green Pastures?

Yes, we have a dedicated Activities Team whose main aim is to organise meaningful daily activities within the home and local community. When you come to live with us, we will spend time getting to know how you would like us to help you continue your current lifestyle and to live the life you want.

How is Green Pastures regulated?

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which inspects and reports on care home providers. The CQC is an independent organisation, set up by the Government to inspect care homes and the services they provide. They publish reports on whether national standards are being met against essential requirements of quality and safety.