Typical day

Residents choose when to wake and are encouraged to get themselves ready for the day, although help is always at hand. Breakfast is available either via room service or served in the dining room.

Staff gather for prayer, with residents most welcome to join if they would like to.

Morning tea or coffee with friends and catching up with the day’s news and events.

Lunch. All meals are freshly cooked on the premises, with flexibility for individual tastes and dietary needs.

Activities such as: quizzes, flower arranging, bingo, games, movement to music, fitness & motivation, sing-along and concerts. Green Pastures Christian Nursing home has a well attended church service on a Wednesday afternoon facilitated by our Chaplain who leads a regular quiet time where residents who wish to, can receive communion. For more information, see our Activities page.

Residents often have a rest, enjoy a cup of tea with visiting friends and relatives, or go on an outing somewhere special.

Afternoon tea. Cake, fruit platters and sometimes a cream tea greatly enjoyed by all.

Dinner. A lighter meal of the resident’s choice.

Hot drinks are served. The kitchen is open all night should one desire a snack at 3 in the morning. Midnight feasts allowed.

Winding down in the evening hours might involve reading, watching television or just chatting with friends and relatives who are welcome at any time.

“To see mum come to life
again is such a wonderful
and moving experience.”