Care for our nursing home residents

Our board of directors has had over 20 years of experience developing the services at Green Pastures Christian nursing home. Between them, there is a wealth of care experience in medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and nursing. 

Our team of dedicated care staff - as well as those working within the housekeeping, administrative and maintenance teams - are continually appraised and developed to ensure a consistently high level of service at all times. Regardless of whether our residents stay with us on a long term basis or for respite care, the care team will work with them and their family to craft a plan of person-centred care that reflects their support needs and details how their preferences and independence can be maintained.

Our registered manager, Mrs Esther Monk, has considerable experience in nursing and healthcare management. The manager is ably supported by our clinical nurse manager, Mrs Tara Smith, and our business manager, Mrs Anthea Speich. The management team are underpinned by a team of nursing and care staff so that fully qualified, professional and experienced staff are on duty at all times.

Green Pastures Christian nursing home understands that the key to being able to fully meet our residents' needs and maintain their all important independence is to ensure that we have an appropriate number of skilled nursing, care and housekeeping staff on duty at any one time. We are always seeking to provide our residents with the opportunity to exercise choice as to how that they would like to spend their time and these generous staffing ratios allow us the space to give each and every one of our residents the time that they need to enjoy life to the full.

“The love and compassion
shown us is beyond words."